Here are some announcements or pieces of news about what I’m doing or how I’m progressing in my work.

As of January 2014, I am part of the National Faculty of the Buck Institute of Education for Project and Problem-Based Learning.  I start my training in California January 13 and 14.  I am extremely excited about this new endeavor.

On April 24, 2013 I successfully defended my dissertation entitled “Dismantling the Birdcage: Adolescent Girls Attitudes Towards Mathematics with a Relational Pedagogy in a Problem-Based Environment.”  So wonderful that I am graduating!

On December 20, 2012, I submitted the rough draft of my dissertation!  I am so excited that I am one step closer to my goal of graduating in May.  Hopefully, I am on track and will be defending by the end of this school year.  Wish me luck!

I am so excited and honored to be the key note speaker for the ISOMA conference in Toronto, Canada next January. I have so many friends and past participants up in the Toronto area that I am eager to visit and speak up there. It will be a wonderful trip – can’t wait!

Please look for my article that will be published in the December/January issue of NCTM’s Mathematics Teacher that is a follow-up on the work we did on the PBL curriculum at my old school.

For a combination of personal and professional reasons, I have decided to make the move from my current school to Deerfield Academy this fall. This was a complex decision for me and this year will be one of transition to my new place of work while I complete my dissertation research and writing.

As of January 2010, I was officially accepted into Doctoral Candidacy and am working on the research for my dissertation study. The dissertation proposal that was accepted is entitled “Investigating the Relationship between Adolescent Girls’ Attitudes towards Mathematics and Learning Mathematics in a Relational Problem-Based Learning Environment”

In October 2010, a nice article was published about me in a local paper: October, 2010. Albany Business Review


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