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“Teaching Geometry through Problem-Based Learning” (Mathematics Teacher, 2011)

“Transition to a Problem-Solving Curriculum” (Mathematics Teacher, 2003)

“Dewey, Dying and the Continuity of Experience” (Insights: the Newsletter of the John Dewey Society, 2010)

Unpublished Papers: (please contact me if you are interested)

“A Conceptual Framework: Apprenticeship for Mathematical Empowerment: An argument for PBL for the enhancement of the feminist classroom for girls’ learning of mathematics at the secondary level: a theoretical framework for an instructional approach towards equity”, University at Albany, August 2008

“Gender Equity in Mathematics and Appropriate Feminist Pedagogical Perspectives: A Review of the Literature”, University at Albany, May 2006

“The Case for Problem Based Instruction: Improving Girls Mathematics Learning and Understanding in a Single-Sex Environment, University at Albany, May 2005