Technology in the Classroom

Throughout my teaching career, I have been intrigued by how technology enhanced or encouraged student learning of mathematics. Personally, I have found that the addition of technology as an instructional tool, is useful, but there is a large difference between teaching and learning with technology and simply using technology in the classroom.

This past winter I was part of an iPad pilot program at my school in which all of my students utilized iPads for my geometry course.  The three apps that we mostly made use of were UPAD for notetaking and homework, Dropbox, for filesharing and Voicethread, for communication in drawing, audio and video with problem solving.  It was an extremely interesting experience for me in both positive and negative ways.  It’s my hope to do a presentation on the experience this summer at the Anja S. Greer Math & Technology Conference, so look for that in late June.  I will most likely post my presentation at my SlideShare account.

I am interested in doing research on the use of dynamic geometry software and problem-based learning, SMARTboard technology (global vs. local engagement in the classroom and the concept of the “human mouse empowerment”), and factoring skills utilizing the computer algebra systems (CAS). My colleagues and I have written a great number of dynamic geometry labs that are integrated into our PBL curriculum for both Algebraic Geometry and Trigonometry. I am currently fluent in Key Curriculum’s Geometer’s Sketchpad and have recently become more familiar with the Opensource software Geogebra. You can find our labs for GeoGebra embeded within our curriculum at my course website at this link. Please let me know if you have questions or comments.

Back in 2009, I did some research utilizing wireless hand-held technology in the classroom (informally) and Internet applications, as I believe that the future of classroom technology is moving in this direction. Since then, with the advent of the iPad and other mobile technologies, it seems that this is the way most schools are going. You can find that list of apps for the iPod Touch here. Read my blog post to hear more about my thoughts on the iPad apps that are out there and to find a list of iPad apps that are great for the math classroom Click Here.